Our Video course Vs the Shopify E-commerce Platform

Give a ‘man’ a fish and he will eat for a day, TEACH him how to fish and he will eat for a LIFETIME…

Here we wanted to do a quick comparison between our E-commerce Video Training course and the likes of Shopify and Big Commerce.

Shopify Comparison

Get ready for the extra One Off charges and the recurring MONTHLY FEES!

Our E-commerce course will definitely save you money month on month.

On the right-hand side, you will see a customer receipt from Shopify that details typical costing of a basic E-commerce platform set-up with Shopify.

While some of the charges are a One time fee, the vast majority are a recurring monthly fee – meaning that you will need to ‘cough up’ for these elements EVERY single month.

So, let’s break these charges down…

. Shopify standard charge: $79 (Per MONTH)
. Shopify Theme: $189 (One Time Fee)
. Domain Name: $9.99 (Yearly)
. Live Chat Facility: $14.99 (Per MONTH)
. Image Editor: $2.99 (Per MONTH)
. Image Zoom: $5.00 (Per MONTH)
. Variant Images: $7.00 (Per MONTH)
. Currency Switcher $9.99 (Per MONTH)
. Related Products: $8.99 (Per MONTH)
. Back in Stock: (Per MONTH)
. Variant Filter: (Per MONTH)
. Smart SEO: (Per MONTH)
. eBay Integration: (Per MONTH)
. Live Editor: (Per MONTH)
. Bulk Editor: (Per MONTH)
. Data Exporter: (Per MONTH)
. Unlimited Options: (Per MONTH)
. Block Visitors: (Per MONTH)
. Additional features $?$?$?

TOTAL Payable in Monthly fees for a feature-packed Shopify store: $495 PER MONTH!!!

The thing with E-commerce platform such as Shopify is that they will happily charge you a recurring monthly fee for EVERY little extra feature that you require your E-commerce website to have.

With Shopify, the costs really can add up and before you know it, your online shop is costing you several hundred Dollars Per MONTH!

Our e-commerce video training course verses Vs Shopify
E-commerce Video Training course Vs Shopify Ecommerce platform

Our E-commerce Video Training Course comparison to Shopify

Opt for our higher packages and our E-commerce training course will definitely save you money month-on-month versus using Shopify to build your new E-commerce store.

Not only that, you will also have complete control and unrestricted access to your entire website, it’s files and all your websites code. This means that you /your web developer will be able to design your e-commerce website with precision to be exactly as you want it to be.

Remember that as a member of our E-commerce course and community you will have unlimited and lifetime access to the members’ area of our website just in case you ever need to log in again to refresh your memory on any of the modules contained within our course.

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