Why should I join your E-commerce Video Training Course

So you are wondering why you should join and become a member of our E-commerce video Training course?…

It’s a fair question… Why should you join our e-commerce Video Training course rather than using your money to join the likes of Shopify or any of the other e-commerce platforms that allow you to build your own E-commerce website?

We have said it from the beginning that our e-commerce Training Course is not for everyone, but it is for clued-up & sensible entrepreneurs who want to have true control over their E-commerce website and it’s ultimate success.

This section of our website is dedicated to answering this sensible question and giving you some very sensible answers!…

Why should I join your e-commerce video training course

For the curious & even the sceptical, we though we’d just remind you of 5 GREAT reasons to join our E-commerce Video Training Course & Community

Our e-commerce video training course verses Vs Shopify

1. It winds up costing you WAY LESS in the long-term

Other E-commerce platform companies will gladly sell you a Pay Monthly E-commerce solution that at first seems “cheap”,  but Savvy entrepreneurs know that there is a need to take into account the true cost of the E-commerce Package when working out its value.

Take a quick look at the receipt on the left from a popular ecommerce provider platform and you will notice that while their “Base price” may seem pretty cheap, they will gladly charge you extra for just about ALL of the often essential additional E-commerce tools and resources that serious Entrepreneurs will almost certainly need if your store is to become a BIG success online.

We are happy to say that we HATE charging members of our E-commerce Video Training Course & Community any extra for the plug-ins tools and E-commerce resources that should have been included for FREE in the first place.

2. YOU will be learning new skills that are in HIGH Demand

Another great reason to join our Ecommerce Video Training course is that you will be learning a great new skill that is in very high demand: How to Build an E-commerce website.

This is a new skill that once you have the knowledge and know-how, you can then go on to easily build further E-commerce stores for yourself or even friends and family. You could build profitable & successful E-commerce stores in varying niches – everything from babies clothing & accessories to Car parts, you could choose what you would like to be offering for sale online, and go on to use your E-commerce store building knowledge to new ecommerce store after store!

As they say, YOU should NEVER stop learning!

Learn new skill how to build and ecommerce online shop website
E-commerce website Design and Development solutions

3. You get to have FULL access to your website all of it’s code!

What most people don’t realise is that when you opt for one of the integrated e-commerce platform providers accounts such as Shopify, Big Commerce etc, You DON’T actually get FULL Access to all of your website, it’s files and all Code – this is quite simply (they will tell you) for “Security Reasons”.

You see, because all of their customer’s websites usually share the same computer Server, there will just have to be some areas of their web hosting systems  that are completely out of bounds to customers. This is because should they give you access to these sensitive areas, should you decide to do something that breached their terms and conditions or violated their systems in any way, it could put other customers websites at risk.

We promise never to tell you that you can’t access all areas of your website

4. YOU can get your Online Shop to be EXACTLY how you want it to BE, with NO Compromising!

Its really great when you are given full and complete access to your website, its code and all of its files.

With full and complete access you can really get down to the nitty-gritty of things and get your E-commerce website to both look and function exactly how you want it to.

With the knowledge you gain as a valued member of our E-commerce Video Training Course and community, you will be able to tailor made bespoke E-commerce Website solution.

Step by step e-commerce video training course
E-commerce Video Training course

5. It feels so Damn GOOD – but don’t be too SMUG about it! 🙂

Try not to be too SMUG once you have taken and completed our E-commerce Video Training course, but there really are few better feelings than when you are able to look at your completed E-commerce website and say to yourself “I built that” – and experience that cosy feeling inside.

It’s our ultimate aim that all of our course & community members are able to eventually experience the super-SMUG feeling that our E-commerce course graduates are able to.

Some say that it’s bad and even rude to be smug. We say that if you have earned it, then go for it!